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"The Stairway to Heaven Manuscript" - instructions to reach "Infinite Intelligence"

 “I took 3 nights and 3 days off of work, to step by step find out why I ended up where I did, and what I was like in the past — there were a series of beliefs about changes, and problem solving, and crisis management, etc etc  that were tied to negative beliefs, not positive — the deadly combo that collided in my ’07 devastating career loss, and knocked me down for the count.
I had to find an unconventional method of getting back to my old state of mind, and since you can’t change the past, the only way this could be done would be to change certain beliefs about types of events, and place them in a certain sequence working from the present to the past, systematically having all past experiences not have effected me at all.  — I got to the sequence of changes needed, and found them to be “in theory” correct. Then I had to believe that if I could adopt these beliefs, in the order  I had written,  that they would work / instantly HEAL my Depression problem.  I had to also believe that my mind would accept these new beliefs without question, and that I had come up with a way to fix all issues at once, and most importantly, the plan would work. 
took 5 seconds / I was awake and felt a burst of energy deep in my mind, and felt and experienced layer by layer of beliefs change, which one by one, removed doubts and ability to resolve issues and so on and so on, and at the end of this change in my mind eliminating negative responses to all of my life events which led to my depression, there was a moment of calm, and then I felt all at once, my mind analyze what just happened, and like a light switch turning on, I felt my confidence come back, a feeling that i had not felt for many, many years.
I now have my depression gone, beliefs changed around my life so there are no negative emotional consequences, and my old confidence back - I can solve problems  and handle anything thrown at me with ease and confidence."
 Infinite Intelligence has an address – and can be intentionally and repeatedly “visited”. It will share its unearthly and unimaginable powers with the visitor, and allow them to accomplish things “not of this known earth” — like my own HolisticDNA Healing.
The address is known only to a few people, but Infinite Intelligence has no limit on the number of visitors it will allow — they must however reach its doorway, as it will not knock on yours. The visit – receiving the “address” — REQUIRES an EXACT combination/ execution sequence that must be executed with exactness for Infinite Intelligence to reveal its location, and then welcome you in……”The Stairway to Heaven Manuscript” referenced in my website, is actually a 10 page “road map” to “the address / the visit” ……………

Steve Meyer     New Thought Energy Healer

Conscious Mind - email only! Subconscious Mind - an entire Supercomputer! Higgs Boson in Action!

99.9% of humans use no more than 5% - 10% of their mind. The other 90% has UNIMAGINABLE possibilities - IF only you had instructions to teach you how to access it! -- not maybe, but DEFINITELY
Now you I have successfully done this myself, and now have a written blueprint (see pic above -"Stairway to Heaven Manuscript" ) that can be used to help others in the same way. This very rare and REPEATABLE accomplishment was reached by "tapping" into the power of Infinite Intelligence to achieve HolisticDNA Healing

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Just imagine if you had the most advanced, most expensive, high capacity personal computer ever built -- and all you did was view the background, screen saver, and used email -- that is the equivalent of what you and I are doing when we only use the 5%-10% (conscious) portion of our owns minds

I HAVE ACCESSED (by design) THE OTHER 90% (subconscious) OF MY MIND - TO INSTANTLY HEAL MY OWN DEPRESSION, AND IT WORKED .  Not a movie / not a Motivational Speaker "how to" book -- I did it! The experience was UNIMAGINABLE and hard to believe -- virtually anyone would say it was the work of God or a miracle, but like Jodi Foster in the movie Contact, I searched and finally found a scientific / logical explanation ( see my website below for more on what "happened" to me ). I had tapped the Fort Knox of human brain power possibilities, and have the key in my hand right now to share with you.

Now I can use this knowledge and skill to help others get relief from their silent agony---the silver lining to my search for a personal instant healing option.

To read  part of my TRUE STORY  - please see my website -- link below. Also referred to as 'Infinite Intelligence', or in this case 'HolisticDNA Healing'Discover the most powerful Super Computer on Earth - which is located right between your own ears - your subconscious mind.!  basis of the motion picture Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper

Faith Healer -  Steve Meyer
Subconscious Mind Consultant

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Real Time Supernatural Internet Creation
    A collaborative Creation by Steve Meyer and Infinite Intelligence
The Sixth Sense - HolisticDNA
"Miracle" in MD!
Higgs Boson / The "God Particle"

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